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 Rally Points, Troop Buffers

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Leary Hermes

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Rally Points,  Troop Buffers Empty
PostSubject: Rally Points, Troop Buffers   Rally Points,  Troop Buffers Icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 10:22 am

The higher the rally point, the more Troops per Hero can be sent out.
For example a lev 9 rallly point allows just 90k troops.

That can be changed with the use of buffers though.
Corslet: Increase Troops defence for 20% good for 24 hours. Good to use if you are attacking or getting attacked.
War ennsign: Increasse the amount of troops you can send by 25%. Which explains how you can get hit by a wave of troops over 100k. Goodfor just that troop movement. Typically used on the first attack.
Penicillin: Cuts troop loss by up to 30 %. Good for 7 days. Means that you'll have more troops to heal at the rally point.
War Horn: Increase attack power of troops by 20%, good for 24 hours.
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Rally Points, Troop Buffers
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